Poetry Friday: Recipe Poem

The Poetry Sisters’ challenge for November was to write a recipe poem. I’m cheating just a bit since I’ve had little/no writing time during NCTE and visiting family for this holiday week after NCTE. As it is, I am posting from SFO before I board the redeye back home! This poem can be found in THE POETRY OF US, edited by J. Patrick Lewis.

Here’s what the rest of the Poetry Sisters came up with this month:
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Ruth has this week’s Poetry Friday roundup. Happy Thanksgiving, Poetry Peeps! I am so thankful for each of you and for our wonderful online community.

The photo is the 1933 Soapbox Derby, via Wikipedia.

14 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Recipe Poem”

  1. Marylee, your poem is clever! I like how you started each stanza with a two-syllable word and that two of the words are recipe words. Love all your alliteration, assonance, and consonance. These lines especially spoke to me:
    (The whole first stanza spoke to me!)
    Season with memories
    appetite for speed

    Gather camaraderie,
    intuitive engineering,

    serve with
    a heaping side dish of gravity.

    Well done! I have never seen a recipe poem before. Sometimes I ask poetry bloggers if I can use their poem as a mentor poem. May I please write your poem in my notebook under Recipe Poems to study. I will put a copyright sign with your name and the year.

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  2. Oh, my goodness! I wish I could read this poem to my Grandpa. He WAS this kid. He built these death contraptions and raced them. LOL. Then, he went to be a mechanical engineer working in the nuclear power industry. This was such a delightful recipe to read. I tapped into it much more than I would have thought at first glance. Thank you, Mary Lee.


  3. What a neat poem!! I love seeing what’s possible with recipe poems, and I adore the topic of history, imagining it simmering like a thick soup.

    NCTE looked like it was delightful. I wish you a lovely weekend to catch up with yourself.


  4. I love saying “a heaping side dish of gravity”. Such a wonderful surprise line. I am also proud of us. Thanks for being on my team at NCTE and my friend.


  5. I completely forgot about this poem, but I love it. I should be using this with my primary source poetry project.
    I loved seeing you and I’m so glad you joined us with a poem!


  6. Of course this poem needs a new audience! So glad I got to read it here, Mary Lee. I too am loving the sound of ‘intuitive engineering’. But also the pacey; ‘snow, hill, sled, thrill’. What fun!


  7. NOT cheating…giving this very fine muscular poem another public outing, which it deser ves. Safe travels in your ingeeniously engineered aluminum soapbox!


  8. Mary Lee, since I love nostalgia and history, stanza one and two opened your recipe and then the stanza zoomed on. The photo was an added bonus. Thanks for sharing the wonder of the old days.


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