Poetry Friday: Unasked Questions

Here’s how this poem happened:
1. Molly’s challenge for the Inklings this month was inspired by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater’s recent post in which she invited writers to answer an unasked question.
2. I spent 4.5 days with my brother’s family in CA after NCTE. There, I met my niece and nephew in real life for the first time. Together we played, doodled in our notebooks, snuggled for read aloud, considered square and cubic numbers, explored tide pools, studied a world map, worked in the garden, and climbed to the top of the rope climber at the playground.
3. I found the poem, “Because A Redwood Grove” (by Joe Cottonwood…how fun is that?) on Your Daily Poem.
4. You didn’t ask, but this poem’s the answer to the question of what happened to my heart over the course of those 4.5 days in CA with my brother’s family…with MY family.

Here’s how the rest of the crew met Molly’s challenge:

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23 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Unasked Questions”

  1. I so love this poem and all that it celebrates. I also appreciate your sharing all the elements that led to its creation. The title is perfect, as is that most wonderful photo. (perhaps you should print it, put it in a frame, and tuck a letter behind it a là Linda!) Great response to the prompt!


  2. I am finding these poems intriguing Mary Lee, and yours is no exception. It intstantly draws me in and I am inferring and also identifying with the subject matter as it is gradually revealed. Your capacity for observation shines through in this as well. Quite special.


  3. I love, “Here’s how it happened.” Such a wonderful introduction to your process. And, what sweet, sweet children you are related to. They ARE yours and you are THEIRS as it is and always will be.


  4. Yes, a poem with a palpable beating heart, the warmth of an actual hug–and then “Here’s how it happened” shining light on all the serendipities and striving that may go into a single poem. ❤


  5. I love, love, love this poem. What a testament to the special time you had with these two adorable kids! And your mentor text gave me a string to hold onto for my post.


  6. What joy your poem shows in those little moments with your newfound buddies, aka, niece & nephew, Mary Lee. I am happy for your time together!


  7. Beautiful, Mary Lee. I got teary, too. We have a great niece in CA, and after visiting her & her family last spring, I told my husband that if we lived nearby, I’d go over and play every day.


  8. Mary Lee, an unasked questions begets a great deal of becauses. I love your poem just because…You made my grandma heart fill with your love for these little ones. Now, you have take-away memories like so many of us have.


  9. I’m CRYING, Mary Lee. I’m so glad you had a beautiful visit with your family and your in-person niece and nephew. That line about his stubborn meeting her willing — perfect. (I also fell in love with that redwood poem and shared it with a student.)


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