Pacific Palm


Greetings from NCTE in Anaheim! I wrote this poem in our session this morning (our being Margaret Simon, Laura Shovan, and me), using as my mentor text Margaret’s I Am poem form which is featured in the lead poem of her book, BAYOU SONG.

Jama has this week’s Poetry Friday roundup at Jama’s Alphabet Soup. Happy Thanksgiving!

21 thoughts on “Pacific Palm”

  1. You’re in my hometown – I grew up in Anaheim!
    You’re definitely in the perfect place to ‘Keep Palm and Carry On’. (except the traffic 😉 )
    Hello to Margaret and Laura – you are surrounded by goodness. Enjoy!

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  2. Have a marvelous time, Mary Lee, being you, describing the palms right there where you must be having a super time. I imagine your session with Margaret & Laura was amazing!

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  3. Thanks for sharing this poem Mary Lee! I’m a special fan of the line “textured trunk” — 3 ts, 2 words– a delightful sound and a recall to my fondness for the intricacies of tree bark. 🙂 Happy Poetry Friday!

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  4. What a wonderful session that must have been. I love this poem and how fun and accessible for young people it is. I can’t wait to hear how NCTE was! I’m waving at your waving from here.

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  5. Your poem with its defined structure and use of repetition is visually arresting Mary Lee. Clearly prompted by your surrounds, it is a fine example of poetry of place. Your attendance at the NCTE Conference brings back memories of my time in the US and presenting in Pittsburgh. Enjoy your time in such a stimulating setting.


  6. How I wish I had been there! Glad to hear you got a good crowd–fresh on Thursday morning, right? Excited? If you have slides to share I’d love to see them, and your obsession with the palms is adorable.


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