Poetry Friday: Cusp

poppy will bloom soonnow the buds are tightly clenchedtime will loosen them ©Mary Lee Hahn, 2022 Carmela has this week’s Poetry Friday Roundup at Teaching Authors. Edited to add… Yesterday morning was cloudy and drizzly. As I cleaned oak flowers out of the garden beds, I turned a corner, saw this, and literally said out … Continue reading “Poetry Friday: Cusp”

Poetry Friday: Courage

Awhile back, Margaret shared extra sheets of build-your-own-metaphor-dice that Taylor Mali had sent for her students. I rolled “courage will be a sparkling needle” and it felt like the Universe was speaking directly to me. Earlier in the day I had posted my embroidered mandala for this week (19 of 52 weeks of embroidery mandalas). … Continue reading “Poetry Friday: Courage”

Poetry Friday: My Chlorophyll Heart

My Chlorophyll HeartI’m for photosynthetic optimism –the bulbous kind you plant in the fallin spite of squirrels who dig ruthlesslyand urban deer who nibble indiscriminately,the kind that seed packets hold through the winterbelieving in butterflies and hummingbirdsbefore they’ve ever known sun and rain. Here’s to the blazing green energy of plants–from the toughest blade of … Continue reading “Poetry Friday: My Chlorophyll Heart”

Poetry Friday: Contrails

. Contrails don’t give me hope in a time of climate crisis. They play a significant role in aviation-related global warming by creating clouds that trap heat on earth. But the fact that scientists are studying them does give me hope. The sudden, dramatic drop in airplane traffic in 2020 proved to researchers at MIT that their … Continue reading “Poetry Friday: Contrails”

Poetry Friday: NPM Day 1

I’m reading and listening to ALL WE CAN SAVE: TRUTH, COURAGE, AND SOLUTIONS FOR THE CLIMATE CRISIS.  My poems this month will be inspired by the essays and poems in this book, and by this gorgeous living planet we call home. Sometimes I get a panicky feeling about our future, but I’m trying hard to hold … Continue reading “Poetry Friday: NPM Day 1”


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