Poetry Friday: Try Cube

Cajun Prairie Grass by James Edmunds


Seed your world
like Cajun

prairie grass —
sending stars

So beauty
will expand,
sow beauty.

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2022

I’ve only written a couple of tricubes. Until this one, I didn’t really like the form. Moral of the story: don’t give up too soon!

Thank you, Margaret, for “This Photo Wants to be a Poem,” from whence the image and inspiration came.

Buffy Silverman has this week’s Poetry Friday Roundup.

19 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Try Cube”

  1. I love it when a poem from This Photo shows up again on Friday. We are doing something right, at least something that feels right. I shared this with my students and one of them wrote a Di-cube. Is that a form? 2, 2, 2

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    1. If Di-cube wasn’t a form before this week, it is now! Thanks for keeping up the weekly This Photo. It’s just the push…no, the gentle nudge I need to write, or write again!


  2. I really enjoyed this image and thought of sending stars everywhere. In my classroom we’ve been talking about the monarch garden and how it’s still living because the seeds can land at any time and be ready to sprout in the spring.


  3. As a recent tricube promoter, it is pleasing to see it emerge yet again, Mary Lee. Photographic images frequently whisper to us to explore their potential poetic connections. What emerges is often quite diverse. Your poem ends with a powerful message- sow beauty. Tricube terrific!


  4. Look at you persisting through to the gorgeousness around the corner. This is quite special in its variety, its simplicity–the threes disappear into the beauty.


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