Poetry Friday: Bridges

It’s been a dry month for poems that are Poetry Friday material. My challenge poems for the Poetry Sisters and for the Inklings are drafted and I am filling a project folder with poems that…well, you’ll have to wait and see! Luckily, I have the well of Laura Shovan’s February Poetry Project in which to dip, and look what I found! In lieu of a traditional Irish blessing, I wish you all the books you can read and all the time you need to read them and the joy of getting lost in the story as you cross its bridge.

In other news, I still haven’t nailed down my National Poetry Month project, but three poems from last year’s project were published in The Be-Zine! Click on the “Introduction & Table of Contents” button and scroll down to find the link to my poems. While you’re there, check out the poems from Michelle Kogan, Heidi Mordhorst, and Laura Shovan, too!

Laura Purdie Salas has this week’s Poetry Friday roundup. She HAS nailed down her National Poetry Month Project, and I’m tempted to join in! She also uses the word doohickey in her post, which makes me love her even more!!

21 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Bridges”

  1. This is such a great poem, Mary Lee. I like how the bridge metaphor is extended. And congrats on having your poems published! I haven’t found a project for this year yet, either. If inspiration doesn’t strike, I know there are many projects out there I can hop on with.


  2. You nailed this poem, for sure. I love the last line that explains why we get lost in reading, it’s for the journey we take and make. Congrats on your published poems.


  3. Mary Lee, I can’t wait to see what next month holds for your poetry-liciousness. That book bridge poem is perfect. What a great image the book is. I picture each page in a book is a cable of the bridge, holding up the truth and making us safe.

    The three poems in The Be-Zine are great. My favorite is the Golden Shovel “when i say addressing.” Such power in a few lines, and you make it look effortless.


  4. What a gorgeous poem Mary Lee, especially those “fathomless/ gorges beneath the span or the safe passage for/each reader who makes the journey.” Love both those areas! Beautiful poems at The Bezine, congrats, and thanks for the call out too!


  5. Mary Lee- thank you for this poem! It’s wonderful– especially (to me) the phrase “fathomless gorges.” I haven’t nailed down my Poetry Month project yet either… but I know I’m looking forward to seeing what other folks are up to in the Poetry Friday community!


  6. A timely reminder to look below the structural aspects to discover the deeper significance of the story, Mary Lee. You have packed a lot of thought provoking ideas into a few lines. An acrostic with acumen.


  7. Your poem seems an entry into all kinds of reading and I imagine libraries would love it, too. I read everyone’s – all so thoughtful and hopeful, too. Congratulations on the publication, Mary Lee.


  8. I will take that wish! Thank you. Last night, I fell asleep on a beautiful bridge/book. And, this morning I slept in…sorely needed. I haven’t nailed down my April project yet, either…maybe today.


  9. What a deep and lovely acrostic, Mary Lee. That safe passage has so much power. (I think I’d love that idea to somehow be the ending of the poem.) This is beautiful, though–even without doohickeys ;>)


  10. I must have missed that poem during February, so I’m glad you shared it here. I’m now wondering about what else you have going on, poetry-wise and can’t wait to find out! Your creative flow is continuously inspiring!


  11. Your poem is a celebration of story and why we love getting lost in a book. I particularly loved the idea of surprising “gorges” in a story. Congratulations on your poetry in BenZine!


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