Poetry Friday: Anaphora

Remember that time when you had your poem ready to go weeks ahead of time, but when you got ready to post, you double-checked the definition of “anaphora” and realized that your poem was an excellent example of repetition, but not at all a poem demonstrating anaphora? Yeah, me too.

What can you do except create a flash draft definito to clarify in your mind the difference between repetition and anaphora?!?

Margaret gave the Inklings our challenge this month. Here’s how the rest of the crew wrote using anaphora:

Linda @A Word Edgewise
Heidi @my juicy little universe
Molly @Nix the Comfort Zone
Catherine @Reading to the Core
Margaret @Reflections on the Teche

Tanita has this week’s Poetry Friday roundup.

The image comes via Unsplash.

15 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Anaphora”

  1. Well, I think that came out just right! It really does clarify the difference and it ticks and clicks along pleasingly as well, and I love the “we call it” pun. Flash drafts rule!

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  2. Perfection! “When a phrase click click clicks / like the shutter of a camera” — now I have a perfect image to remember the definition.

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  3. Honestly, I am smiling in disbelief. How is it that you claim to be caught unprepared, but still create a meaningful definition?! I certainly will remember anaphora now!😏


  4. Well done, Mary Lee. I have to admit I wasn’t clear on the meaning of anaphora, but now I am. I have to admit, sometimes I read or write things without realizing they have a name. I have to admit, I still have a lot to learn!


  5. Perfect definito if I do say so myself. We need an anthology of definitos that define literary elements. And I love Heidi’s comment “flash drafts rule!”


  6. LOL! Yeah. Me too. I agree with Catherine. You are amazing. This poem of anaphora is perfect. I’m now wondering if my poem fits. I need to double check based on this fine definito! Bravo.


  7. I will read this post, I will read this poem, I will read your blog forever … because you do stuff like this. 🙂


  8. Wow, Mary Lee. Thanks for the clarification. This is so sweet. And I agree with Margaret, an anthology of literary terms would be a masterpiece. (I hope you’ll publish the other poem you had ready too!)


  9. I’m now wondering what the heck I wrote! lol Thanks for clarifying…and for being the person who double checks the meaning and then sets it straight for the rest of us!


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