Poetry Friday: Crows


Crows own the morning sky,
the naked treetops, too.
Clouds both amplify
and muffle their sharp-edged caws.
Below the grey they fly
on a mission to who knows where
or why.

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2022

Michelle Kogan has this week’s Poetry Friday roundup at More Art For All (I can get behind that!!).

18 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Crows”

  1. Marylee, your first line “Crows own the morning sky'” hooked me and the rest of your words kept reeling me in. I love your rhyme, alliteration, assonance, and consonance sounds! Well done! I know what mission the crows in my yard were on-to get the beef lard and seeds dropped on the ground from the tufted titmice, nuthatches, downy woodpeckers, chickadees, house finches, and bluebirds! Does it seem to you that crows have grown larger? It does to me, or maybe it’s just that they are so much larger than the songbirds. I love ravens, though. Their call echoes through the woods when we hike the nearby southern Adirondack Mtns. One time when we were on a summit, there was a whole family of ravens flying around and around the summit. We weren’t sure if they were showing off for us or teaching the juveniles how to fly around the mountain. It was a lovely gift especially when they called out right before we would see them as if they were saying, “Here we come, again,” 🙂


  2. I wrote about our crows gathering downtown as evening comes a few weeks ago. They are fascinating creatures. I’ve read that they remember faces and if you are termed an enemy, they will warn others when you come their way. Your poem is reminiscent of Emily D’s poems, Mary Lee. It is wonderful, as is your sketch! Happy weekend!


  3. Mary Lee… gorgeous poem and image. I also love your “comet of crow” haiku. I had it framed and up in October! Thanks for another crow poem. I have read about them and I hear them in my yard. I’m in a writing slump at the moment, but it will surely pass.


  4. Mary Lee, thanks for the lovely sketch and poem. In autumn, they circled our houses on the block and cawed with delight. My granddaughter and the little grandchild next door tried to communicate with them via their little horns and toot toys. We were surprised to find the crows listening and cawing back. It was a rare treat just like your offering today.


  5. Mary Lee, nice one! That opening line is so compelling, as everyone is saying. Lately crows have been showing up everywhere I go. There were a few strolling around the school parking lot where I volunteer, and we exchanged a few pleasantries.


  6. Mary Lee, This poem about crows is extraordinary! I love to watch crows in our yard and at the lake. We don’t see as many as we did in suburbia, but still will see them – and the ones we see are huge! I also love that you have a drawing to go with the poem. Is it yours? A great combo! Thanks for sharing!


  7. Oooh, I love both your poem and your illustration. Crows fascinate me. Love the line, “Crows own the morning sky.” With their intelligence, if they also sported opposable thumbs, I think they’d own the world.

    I can hear the muffled/amplified caws, too. Beautifully conjured.


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