Poetry Friday: Bike Stories

cottonwood blizzard
almost mulberry season
first bike ride of spring

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2022

A few years ago on the original A Year of Reading, I did a series of “Bike Stories.” Now that the first ride of the season has been — Ahhh CHOO! — survived, it’s time to get out more frequently and see what lessons and stories can be found this year!

The schedule is COMPLETE for roundup hosts July – December! Thanks, all!

Buffy has this week’s Poetry Friday roundup at Buffy Silverman.

20 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Bike Stories”

  1. I wheelie like your bike stories, Mary Lee. 🙂
    (regarding your allergies…Gesundheit! We’re ‘blizzarding’ in Switzerland, too.)

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  2. Ah spring (and summer) when the air carries the scent of blooming flowers…. and pollen! The bike ride sounds delightful, despite the pollen. Your poem captures the way allergy-sufferers track the seasons – by what’s blooming, and what’s coming next instead of months!

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  3. Hahahahaha! Yes, the cottonwood. I was visiting family for Memorial Day when the first fluff showed up. My poor auntie suffers from cottonwood allergies. I love bikes…and take so many photos of bikes. I love the photo of this bike. I can’t wait for more bicycle stories. Mulberries. are they edible?

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    1. Mulberries are apparently edible, but I mostly don’t know they’re there until I ride my bike through the mush on the bike path!


  4. I think you can make mulberry jam, like you would blackberry. (But not from the “road kill” ones, darn!) Looking forward to more bike poems!


  5. You’ve taken me back to childhood when my feet came home with mulberry-pinked feet, Mary Lee. I drove through the cottonwood blizzard yesterday. I guess there are many trees that are not cottonless anymore. I’ll look for more bike stories!


  6. Oh I love that haiku–we are not yet at cottonwood blizzard, but I’m guessing any day now. And my hound always looks forward to the mulberries dropping on the road. The perfect street food!


  7. LOL, ALL the sneezing is happening here as well, but from juniper… oy. I wish I had your porch; I finally just got a cover for my bike, because the birds love to sit on it a bit too much…! But, what a wonderful image of that bike, all that harnesses possibility for flight.


  8. I think Bike Stories could be a collection! My daughter has a mulberry tree and we were eating them straight off the tree. Leo loves to pretend he’s bleeding with the juice stains.


  9. Aw, my poor husband Randy has been battling the cottonwood blizzards here in Minnesota. You walk down our street, and it looks like a dusting of snow! Sorry I missed the roundup call. I’ve been out of the loop the last month. I’ll catch you on the Jan-June for next year, I hope! Thanks for wrangling that for us. Here’s to a summer of exploration!


  10. Oh, my goodness. I was in Bishop, California, yesterday and there was a “cottonwood blizzard” going on. What a great description! About 33 years ago, my daughter was one month old and we took her camping. It was so warm. She had little cottonwood fluff stick on her sweaty little forehead. We felt like terrible parents! Your poem made me smile! I could tell more stories about mulberry picking and bike riding that were conjured up too. Thank you!


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