Poetry Friday: Cusp

poppy will bloom soon
now the buds are tightly clenched
time will loosen them

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2022

Carmela has this week’s Poetry Friday Roundup at Teaching Authors.

Edited to add…

Yesterday morning was cloudy and drizzly. As I cleaned oak flowers out of the garden beds, I turned a corner, saw this, and literally said out loud, “Well, hello there!” At the base of the plant were the three prickly bud covers that had been shrugged off or thrown off when the poppy…popped. Let us remember that when our hearts are clenched tightly against the world, there will come a time when we’re ready to throw off our shell and blaze again with glory, in spite of everything.

20 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Cusp”

  1. Oh, aren’t those popped papavers gorgeous. It gets too warm for mine to last long but I adore their brilliant colors and the little knotty, conflicted buds from which they burst. Definitely all kinds of metaphor.

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  2. Your poppy popped leading to an inspirational message for the world. Love this, Mary Lee. I am wondering if I can add your beauty both closed and open to my Poetryliscious Gallery Padlet since I have not organized the gallery yet?

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  3. Beautiful & uplifting metaphor, Mary Lee. My “prickly” poppies are up, no buds yet! They are amazing, yes? Love your “time will loosen them”!

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  4. I talk to things in nature too. Lately, Gertrude the Groundhog has been entertaining me on my nightly walks. Trudy knows Gladys the heron as they live in the same neighborhood. Really, I totally get, “Well hello, there!” Such a great meditation on those poppy shells.

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