Poetry Friday: Courage

Awhile back, Margaret shared extra sheets of build-your-own-metaphor-dice that Taylor Mali had sent for her students. I rolled “courage will be a sparkling needle” and it felt like the Universe was speaking directly to me. Earlier in the day I had posted my embroidered mandala for this week (19 of 52 weeks of embroidery mandalas).

Rose has this week’s Poetry Friday Roundup at Imagine the Possibilities.

23 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Courage”

  1. Mary Lee! I love this–and your skill is incredible. At first I thought you had the date “1973” — but only saw “19” and looked back to reread your post stating “19” out of 52 weeks. Where can I find/see your other embroidery mandalas?

    Hope you are doing well–Thank you for sharing this and for speaking with your words and your hands.

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  2. I have loved all of your mandalas!!! What a project!!! Can’t wait to see how you put them together at the end! And I also love, love, love your poem!!!! Gorgeous!!!

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    1. I did NOT know about Rita’s Quilt, but I sure do now! Thanks! I am super excited to be able to take part in one of Shannon’s “Craftivism” workshops at my (very-near-me) local indie fabric store in June! Bring it!!

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  3. Mary Lee, your talent at needlework and poetry is amazing. Your project continues your willingness to be a universal crusader for justice. My Nonnie was an excellent tatter. You are right that early embroidered would not have added such a striking comment.

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  4. Linda, it’s just like writing: get an idea that will make you happy or that you want to share with the world and work on it in free moments here and there (sometimes binge out for an hour if it’s going well). It also helps to choose short forms and small projects. These mandalas are on a square of fabric that’s 6×6 inches!


  5. Your tiny sparkling needle is speaking loudly, loudly! This one has a solidity that is both delicate and powerful. Wish I could wear it on my breast today at our Bans Off rally…


  6. I’m late to getting to this, but so glad I did. I love embroidery and not only is the meaning behind this inspiring, but you are a very good with the needle. I’m so glad you shared this.


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