Poetry Friday: Dictionary Hopscotch

Back when I issued my challenge to the Inklings, I thought my Poetry Month project would be Dictionary Hopscotch — I would randomly choose 4 words from different spots in the dictionary and then use at least 3 of them in a poem.

So I challenged my fellow Inklings to use 3 of these 4 randomly chosen words in a poem: knuckle, denial, turn, cautious.

And then I changed my project to cheritas.

Therefore, this:


Here’s how the rest of the crew met my challenge:

Linda @A Word Edgewise
Heidi @my juicy little universe
Molly @Nix the Comfort Zone
Catherine @Reading to the Core
Margaret @Reflections on the Teche

Margaret has this week’s Poetry Friday Roundup at Reflections on the Teche.

Don’t forget to check up on the Progressive Poem! Links are in the sidebar.

Days 1-6 of my #NPM23 project can be found on FB, IG and at Poetrepository.

The hopscotch image is via Unsplash.

23 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Dictionary Hopscotch”

  1. You captured so much of what I was thinking about knuckles and palms. I dwelt in that space for a while before moving along to something else for my poem, and I never got close to your eloquence. Everything builds with perfect word choice to that powerful final stanza. Wow! I’m really enjoying your cheritas!


  2. Wonderful cherita, Mary Lee! I wrote a few a couple of months ago when I chose the form as a monthly prompt for my poetry group. I found it to be harder than anticipated, but you make it look easy. I found myself pausing to study my hand this morning thinking about its diferent uses.


  3. When I first read these words in Margaret’s post, my first thought was, “How are these words going to come together?” But every poem that I have read has been amazing! Your last stanza–wow! I am enjoying your cheritas, but I also love the idea of “dictionary hopscotch!”


  4. So much brilliant potency here with so few words, Mary Lee. I love your weapon/vessel dichotomy. Reminds me of beating swords into plowshares & spears into pruning hooks. Appreciations.


  5. Love the perspective. Never considered in such a way the two sides of the hand viewed as having opposite tasks. You’ve encouraged me to try writing this form sometime soon.


  6. Wow, Mary Lee this is profound. You should seek publication for this poem. It’s so powerful. It what be interesting to discuss this poem with children, tweens, and teens.


  7. I put my hands togather in acknowledging your short, thought provoking poem which adroitly compares different roles a hand can play. I’ve got to hand it to you, Mary Lee. You’ve made a good fist of this!


  8. Oh. my. goodness. How the cherita does fit you like a glove, Mary Lee. This is beautiful, the best vessel poem ever, so economical and effective. Brava.


  9. The hand as weapon or vessel. That one will stay with me for a bit. Life is full of things that can be used for good or evil.

    I may have to give these words a try.


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