2023 Kidlit Progressive Poem, Day 1

About the Progressive Poem: Irene Latham began the tradition in 2012 and hosted until 2019. (Early archives here.) Margaret Simon took the reins in 2020. (Recent archives are tabs at the top of her page.)

Blogs where the next lines will be found are linked in the sidebar to the right.

The rules are few: “The poem will be passing from blog to blog with each poet-blogger adding a line. The poem is for children. Other than that, anything goes.” Each blogger will copy the previous lines exactly as written (unless permission from the previous poet is obtained) and add their line, including commentary on their process if they wish.

My process was scant. This line jumped into my head (and luckily, was captured in my notebook) on March 5. No other possible lines held up to the potential contained in this one. I love stories that start at the end, so here you go. Write me a story that ends with sudden clarity.

Happy National Poetry Month and Happy Progressive Poem! Let the fun and hijinks begin!

21 thoughts on “2023 Kidlit Progressive Poem, Day 1”

  1. Beginning at the end of the story is a brilliant set up for this month long journey. Thanks for taking the first line!


  2. I love this line so much! Beautiful start. Thank you for hosting PF this week and I’m going to enjoy all the festivities.


  3. I love this beginning. It’s full of possibility. And I’ve long been taken by the word “Suddenly.” It has a staccato quality that, I think, makes it onomatopoetic. I’ll be adding a line on April 27, when we’ll be starting to see where those falling things are landing.


  4. Mary Lee, I am finally getting into the swing of NPM. Your opening line offers a wide range of choices as the poets begin the journey you offered. Can’t wait to see how this story unfolds poetically.


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