Poetry Friday: Already?


Is it Friday already? How did THAT happen? Must be another side effect of…what’s it called when you can’t remember words or names or dates?

Sigh. Aging is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Elisabeth at Unexpected Intersections has this week’s Poetry Friday roundup, and it’s a good thing I had to double check that because I had it in my calendar that I have the roundup on the 29th, which I don’t — the roundup is here NEXT WEEK! Sigh (again). The struggle is real…

8 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Already?”

  1. Ha! I love “Aphasia”–wait that doesn’t sound right! Regardless, I can totally relate. I keep looking at the calendar and thinking…Wait? What?! My procrastination sand timer is fast running out!


  2. A blink of the eye and here we are again… Time won’t slow down and this is all more reason for keeping those little gray cells charged up and active especially with poetry, thanks Mary Lee!


  3. I worry about forgetting. And, indirectly my post is about this today. My husband and I both have “senior moments” but are still able to laugh and take them in stride. Yes, the struggle is real! We’re all struggling with you!


  4. The struggle is a real issue, Mary Lee. We all have to laugh together. My little Sierra (5 now) has crystal clear memory. Who can remember that long ago what I remembered back then. LOL! Have a great week.


  5. Oh, the aphasia struggle is real! Ack. It’s frustrating. How can I sometimes still feel like I’m 30 and other days feel the full weight of 62 years? 🙂


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