Poetry Friday: You Can’t Fool Me

“Walking” the Cat

The Poetry Sisters’ challenge this month was to write Welsh Byr a Thoddaid Poems. There are a ton of rules, but when you get right down to it, the form consists of lots of syllable-counting and attention to rhymes.

My first cat, Jennyanydots, achieved the status of Truly Old Cat. She passed at the age of 21 and was a tiny thing (maybe 6 pounds in the end) with a mighty voice for wailing when she couldn’t find her “tribe.”

Hemingway is a big guy (14 pounds) and not old yet — only 7-9 (he was a rescue) — so why is he starting the yowling-for-no-reason? Maybe just to give me a poem topic!

Here’s what the rest of the Poetry Sisters came up with this month:
Tricia @ The Miss Rumphius Effect
Tanita @ {fiction, instead of lies}
Sara @ Read Write Believe
Laura @ Laura Purdie Salas
Liz @ Liz Garton Scanlon
Kelly @ Kelly Ramsdell
Andi @ A Wrung Sponge

Next month we are writing acrostic phrase poems. Choose any line from the poem “Still I Rise” by Maya Angelou and use each word in the phrase to begin a new line of your poem.

Catherine has this week’s Poetry Friday Roundup at Reading to the Core.

9 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: You Can’t Fool Me”

  1. You use such brief, punchy phrases to tell this little story – the form is perfectly rhythmic for that.
    Also, how much do I love that the cat is on a leash! It doesn’t seem to mind, so the wails are unrelated to that… sometimes one just needs a barbaric yawp, I guess?


  2. Don’t all cats lie? I love the photo and your poem made me laugh. I appreciated the compactness of this and your choice of rhyming words.


  3. Even though there’s a ton of rules…this is smooth. And, any cat named Jennyanydots has to be a winner! Happy summering!


  4. They are tricky as your poem so ‘trickily’ shows, Mary Lee. These poems you & your sisters have written are fantastic. I’m calling them little stories. And, an aside. I love hearing of “Jennyanydots” because one of our cats was “Macavity”. Hope your Saturday is going well!


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