Poetry Friday: Factotum


Thank you, fellow Inkling, Linda Mitchell, for this month’s prompt which gave me permission to write an almost-definito for a word I’d been saving since mid-March:


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18 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Factotum”

  1. LOL! I love it. Are any of us any less than a factotum these days? A perfect word for all of the excellent active things you do. The ‘volunteering and more volunteering’ make me smile. These days, I’m familiar with the term, voluntold.

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    1. Ouch. I do not like the word voluntold. Ugh. Luckily, I know you are happily factotuming with collage and writing and butterflying and poetry pandemoniuming!


  2. I’m unsure I’m a factotum because I seem to be sticking to literary activities with the writing and some drawing, then the bookstore! However, it is now time for gardening, so maybe! Not only have you given us a poem for a new word about you, you’ve entertained us through and through with all the activities, Mary Lee.


  3. You’re a real Renaissance woman, Mary Lee! (“a woman who is interested in and knows a lot about many things”)


  4. Mary Lee, what a fun poem. I’m learning new words every day from poetry. Today it’s factotum. I like the beginning, “I never aspired to be a factotum…” Sweet poem to get to know you even more.


  5. Yep, gathering the facts and toting ’em here and toting ’em there–to the page, to the garden, to the river, to the thread. I also have been reflecting (off my son, mainly) that there are those of us whose principal specialty is “a little of this and a little of that, most of it competently with flashes of brilliance.” Love your flashes!


  6. I confess I had a different idea about what this word meant, but your poem makes its meaning crystal clear. I do agree with Tabatha, though, that Renaissance woman is more fitting for you!


  7. “Identity” reminds me that we meet people where they are – so we may be many things at many different moments. And they are all us. Our factotum-ness. 🙂


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