21 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Shade”

  1. I took a similar photo under my cypress tree. The green is so bright and inviting. I love how you turn a phrase as you turn perspective.


  2. Mary Lee, I’m loving reading your cheritas each day on Instagram. Sycamore’s purse and “green quarters” makes me smile.


  3. I love the new way you’re giving us of looking at the world in new ways, Mary Lee. We have snow today but after, when it melts, I expect receiving some shade this week! I’ll remember!


  4. American sycamore trees are so wonderfully tall and spreading – and that purse is somehow the perfect metaphor for such a tall and graceful tree.


  5. Personifying the sycamore — she feels so thoughtful and dainty in this poem. But she’s also a savvy shopper!


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