Poetry Friday: Open


All of my cheritas for the month can be found here.

If you missed it, one of Jone’s students made a powerful work of art and social commentary with my poem from last year’s NPM project, “Dandelions.” Go watch her video. Have a tissue ready.

Jone has the Poetry Friday roundup today, featuring Classic Found Poems. I’m late to the party, but I found a cherita inside A WRINKLE IN TIME, p.191.

comparing our lives to a sonnet:

a strict form
but freedom within it

you’re given the form
but you have to write the sonnet yourself–
what you say is completely up to you

Jone also has the next line in the Progressive Poem tomorrow. Sounds like my life at the beginning of the month! Such fun times in April!

18 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Open”

  1. I am loving your daily cheritas. Each a little spot of goodness in my day. This month of poetry is filling my soul.


  2. The video was amazing! Thanks for sharing, Mary Lee! And finding a cherita in A Wrinkle in Time is such a wonder! Poems truly can be found everywhere. Love the image of the wren on the fence. I have a wren who greets me every morning. Sometimes I imagine she’s reciting a poem.


  3. Love that poem–made me chuckle to see that one open window. I’m off to bed after a long week. I know I’ll hear a train…maybe a goose or two. I need to open my window.


  4. Mary Lee, I watched the video of your poem-it’s a powerful video. The open window picture/poem make a great statement about spring. I love this last line to your last poem: what you say is completely up to you. Each poet carries their voice in their pocket along with their poem during NPM and throughout the year.


  5. I love hearing the trains, Mary Lee, and that they’re in the poem. And, finally found the time to watch your dandelion/video, shared! It is fabulous the way Kimberly opened up the possibilities.


  6. I feel like the cherita was made for you, Mary Lee. And the poem video by Kimberly Taylor is just…just…exquisite in its power.


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