Poetry Friday: Umbrella Arts

This poem was obviously not written about the current bitter Arctic weather, but rather last week’s morning walk in a mild rainy mist. There’s always weather, whether or not we choose to go out walking in it! (I’ll pass today, thank you very much!)

Best wishes for whatever year-end holidays you celebrate! And if you are so moved, how about hosting a Poetry Friday roundup in the new year? The call for hosts is here.

Irene has this week’s roundup at Live Your Poem. Good advice for us all.

image via Unsplash

11 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Umbrella Arts”

  1. Luv your timpani, bip bop musicality word images & your super title on this mist moment poem.

    Happy cosy weekend to you & everyone needing cosy.

    Sometimes we just can’t be outside each & every day.


  2. Mary Lee, this is a beautiful poem for the current weather: “Sky canvas is saturated.” Shades of gray have been the usual weather. We are off to see Santa at his workshop with the grandgirls. The gray has lifted and the sun is out. What will the afternoon bring???


  3. A walk with rain-driven music sounds very nice about now, Mary Lee. Love your rhythm of that day, and that ending beat: “leak
    from sky
    to street.” Happy Holidays to. you into the new year, too.


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