19 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Morning Walk”

  1. I hear those jets early morning, too, Mary Lee, & always daydream about where they all might be going. Thanks for the lovely scene you’ve shared with us!


  2. Beautiful…just beautiful. I love how you use a word like “and” repeatedly as I would try NOT to do so effectively.


  3. Mary Lee, your morning walk certainly captured my attention. There are so many sensory details included. The sights and sounds of autumn are set up very nicely in your poem.


  4. The Anthropocene. This is so subtle, Mary Lee, and that middle stanza with its dominating human overlays, so casually destructive, so that when we come back down to the leaves, the walnuts (I failed to picture them green and petrol-scented and got wrinkled brown shells instead), it’s a bit of a shock. As someone I know would say: well-played, my friend.

    Let me know if you want access to my Dodge account so you can see Ellen Bass and Forrest Gander (no Joy Harjo : ( ) talk about ecopoetry. Or we could even zoom and watch it together…

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    1. Thank you, friend. Your heart understood mine. This is not a happy autumn poem. I was aiming for shock.

      The hooves are deer! We have quite the urban flock due to several nearby ravines, plus some small woodlots and a water source in the mini-wetland.


  5. Mary Lee, this is such an enjoyable poem. It’s shape and rhythm feel just like a morning walk. The way each stanza started with the footprints of humans and ended with the way we walk alongside nature did not escape my attention.


  6. Wow, this one is an assault on the senses. My hsp self feels the pounding “ands” spooling out, one after the other, jumping at me, creating a raucous interruption to what could have been moments of peace.


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