Poetry Friday: Wordy 30 Poems

Anybody out there addicted to Wordle or Waffle? I assume that more than a few of you who like to play around with words might have climbed aboard one or more of the current word game crazes! That’s why my challenge for the Inklings this month was to write a Wordy 30 Poem. A Wordy 30 is a poem using exactly 30 letters. Each line should have the same number of letters. Each line should use one word. You might have 6 lines with 5 letters in each line (like Wordle), or 5 x 6, 3 x 10, 10 x 3, 15 x 2, 2 x 15, 30 x 1, or (most unlikely) 1 x 30. Here are mine — a 5×6 and a 6×5.



Here’s how the rest of the crew met my challenge:

Linda@A Word Edgewise
Heidi @my juicy little universe
Molly@Nix the Comfort Zone
Catherine@Reading to the Core
Margaret@Reflections on the Teche

Sarah Grace has this week’s Poetry Friday roundup.

And if you want to join in with the Poetry Sisters’ challenge this month, we’re writing Dansas, described here by Cousin Tanita: Its opening quintrain (5 lines) is followed by quatrains (4 lines), with a quintrain rhyme scheme of AbbaA and the quatrain bbaA. You’ll note that A repeats because the opening line of the first stanza is the final line of every stanza, including the first. 

19 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Wordy 30 Poems”

  1. That turtle is adorable. I plan to try this with my kiddos tomorrow with all of our poems as models. They are going to love the turtle. I can hear them already. But the second one will make them think. I like to make them think. Thanks for the challenge.

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  2. Love both of these! I did this with my poetry group back in August and it was lots of fun. I also really like the photos you included. Someday I’ll figure out how to use Canva.


  3. My husband is crazy about Wordle and I will show him your post. Love your turtle pic and poem and the second poem is thoughtful about our circumstances. Now I have two new forms to consider writing to.


  4. Mary Lee, I love how your trash poem especially is brought to a whole new level with the photograph illustration. And, that punctuation! 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing.


  5. What a great challenge–I’m loving seeing all the possibilities, punctuation included! I love your turtle so much and the idea that the turtle most captures the spirit of the forest, long and slow, and how the abstracts of the waste poem are anchored by the image. Collection? Anthology?


  6. I see the spirit of the forest is ready for your challenge, Mary Lee. The second poem is a call to action! Thanks for including this challenge so I can play with Wordy 30.


  7. Thank you for this challenging challenge, Mary Lee. What a great turtle and poem to match! That overflowing garbage bin is such an indictment of our society. It’s hard to see how my recycling efforts stand a chance against waste like that.


  8. Love the challenge and love the results, Mary Lee.
    And I’m a daily Wordler, but haven’t checked out Waffle. I need to do that!


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