Poetry Friday: A Cento…for ME!

Last week, I shared a cento that I wrote using titles from Ada Limón’s poems in THE HURTING KIND. This week, I’d like to share an amazing gift I received as a summer poem swap. Truth be told, they were ALL amazing gifts, but this one was seriously over the top amazing! Check this out:

Doing the Work

Your hope must be a verb
for change
holding everything in balance
many small acts
make a big difference
They give life, rather than taking it.
Our work done best, is done en masse.
This spring we’re planting, saying please
We’re Cheering for you! Be Courageous!

A cento poem ©Denise Krebs, 2022
From Mary Lee Hahn’s April 2022 “Hope in a Time of Climate Crisis” poetry collection

Poem titles for lines 1-9
1.      The Thing Is
2.     The Truth
3.     What If
4.     A Small Patch
5.     A Small Patch
6.     What I Know About Farming
7.     Dandelions
8.     Daily Alchemy
9.     Dear Generation C

Wow, right? Just…wow.

And there were more gifts besides the poem box! Handmade dishcloths and scrubbers and a for-real slice of life and learning.

Gratitudes to Denise for this ever-so-thoughtfully crafted mandala-cento box and to Tabatha for organizing the swaps!

Not sure why it’s hard to get to Denise’s blog via InLinkz (is it just me?), but you can follow this link to see the haiku bookmark I made for her.

Head over to Kat Apel’s blog to “Katch up” on all she’s been up to these past few months and to see what all the other Poetry Friday Peeps have to offer this week!

15 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: A Cento…for ME!”

  1. I want to write a golden shovel with that first line, “Your hope must be a verb.” Love this idea of a cento-box! Gonna steal that.


  2. OK, that is truly amazing and so incredibly thoughtful to go through your poems to create a cento of your lines. Again, poetry swaps for the win, Tabatha as organizer for the win…and swapper creativity for the WIN! I am just loving that canvas…and might, maybe, gonna copy that idea! Shhhhhh. Don’t tell.


  3. I’m repeating “WOW!”, Mary Lee. It is wonderful! Thanks for the link to Denise. I couldn’t tell even who that one link was. Happy weekend!


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