Poetry Friday: Equations

Pink Sky by Margaret Simon

The striking line, “You can’t sum it up. A life.” comes from the poem “The Hurting Kind” from the book THE HURTING KIND by Ada Limón.

The poem itself, in response to Margaret Simon’s gorgeous photo, is a “This Photo Wants to Be a Poem…” poem, which was Margaret’s challenge this month for the Inklings.

Here’s how the rest of the crew met Margaret’s challenge:

Linda@A Word Edgewise
Heidi @my juicy little universe
Molly@Nix the Comfort Zone
Catherine@Reading to the Core
Margaret@Reflections on the Teche

Linda B. has the first Poetry Friday roundup of September at TeacherDance.

15 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Equations”

  1. I can’t see the sunrise anymore because of apartments across from me, yet on occasion, I can see an ‘edge’ of that “blaze of improbable fire” & know it is there. The “whatever it takes” phrase is touching, Mary Lee. Love all that you gathered for this poem. Happy Friday!


  2. So much to love about this! That my morning sky photo could inspire such a beautiful poem inspires me. The striking line…wow! And the amazing words you chose, blaze, tangerine, peach…such wonderful imagery.


  3. Mary Lee, you painted the sky in vivid colors adding a “blaze of improbable fire”. Your thoughts stir me as the poem progresses. Thanks for the morning poem to start my day.


  4. Those last two lines are a discomfiting assertion for anyone who thought they were just pleasantly admiring the sunrise. Or maybe for a person who’s feeling rather horizonless this morning. I like the way you folded sum over equation to fashion sky.


  5. What a fabulous response to the photo and the challenge! You chose a wonderful strike line and I love ” whatever it/takes to tilt a chin or a face up” –something about that line totally pulled me in. Well done!


  6. Wow! The horizon’s of your life…whatever it takes to tilt a chin. Wonderful depth in this golden shovel. I’d like a slice of that sky, please.


  7. Oh, I see that sky putting on a show just to get people to look up! I love the thinking that this line brought to me today: “and whatever it / takes to tilt a chin or a face up”


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