Poetry Friday: Time

On the third day of Laura Shovan’s February 10th Annual February Poetry Project, which is centered around the theme of time, the prompt was a photo of the massive carved stone calendar of the Aztecs. Coincidentally, I have a souvenir version of that calendar sitting on the hallway shelf beside an old Seth Thomas chiming clock. Here’s the poem I wrote.

Linda has this week’s Valentine Edition of the Poetry Friday roundup at TeacherDance.

11 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Time”

  1. I did love this poem, a backstory to your picture, Mary Lee. Love the smile at the end. I remember it being so important to wind those clocks “just right”.


  2. that line, “neither is particularly accurate” makes me smile. Accuracy doesn’t matter as much as the memory and connection. That’s what I take from this poem.


  3. So good. I love how all those disparate elements become personal in your poem. Ruth, thereisnosuchthingasagodforsakentown.blogspot.com


  4. This makes me think of two things: the challenge of wanting to go back in time, to relive or redo the past and would we want to? AND this museum I know about and play to visit this summer. I hear it is noisy for sure in there. We have several old clocks from my husband’s antique collecting grand and gr grandmothers. They are lovely. https://www.hoffmanclockmuseum.org/1/index.htm? If you ever head to Vermont this would be somewhat convenient to visit!!


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