Poetry Friday: The Roundup Is HERE!


Each of us 
is a vessel
glittering jewels
hidden beneath
a seemingly tough skin.

Our inner selves
are chambered –
labyrinthine and complex.

We are both
sweet and tart
and we are 
worth the effort.

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2022

Pomegranates are one of my very favorite fruits. Mom was an adventurous eater, and she did everything she could to pass this along to my brother and me. Whenever an unusual fruit or vegetable showed up in our small-town Safeway grocery store, she would buy it for us to try. Good memories.

Now it’s time to savor this week’s poetry offerings! Click here to add your link, and enjoy all the goodies! (EDITED TO ADD: Please forgive the messy, ad-filled link up. I could not for the LIFE of me get Mr. Linky to cooperate. I should have just gone old school.)

EDITED TO ADD: I can’t stand this linkup. Here are the links without you having to wait five seconds to see the blog post. Ugh.

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24 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: The Roundup Is HERE!”

  1. Love pomegranates, Mary Lee and use them extensively in summer salads. I also love the analogy you draw between people and pomegranates in your poem. I find it most apt as a comparison. Thank you for extending my vision. I shall forever look upon pomegranates with renewed respect.

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  2. What a delightful metaphor! We are sweet…and worth it. So perfect. What a wise mother you had to leave the legacy of food adventure… Once I made guacamole with pomegranate seeds in it, and it was delicous and beautiful. Thank you for hosting today…and in all of the Poetry Friday ways. xo

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  3. Finding a way to honor your mother and us humans through the glorious pomegranate is special, Mary Lee. I won’t ever eat another without thinking of your thoughtfulness. Happy Friday and thanks for hosting!

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  4. Your poem is a perfect reminder to never take ourselves or others ‘for pomegranate’. 😉
    Your mom was a “glittering jewel” of a gem.
    Thanks for hosting and for all you do for the poetry community, Mary Lee.

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  5. I love pomegranates and love this poem too!

    “glittering jewels
    hidden beneath
    a seemingly tough skin”

    is such a wonderful description of the complexity of people.

    Thanks for hosting today!

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  6. A lovely comment on your mother, Mary Lee. I like the comparison between our complex inner selves and the intricacies of the pomegranate. (To be honest, sometimes when I am in a hurry to get dinner on the table and I have juice all over me, I have wondered whether it is worth it! Thanks for the reassurance :-))

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    1. Here’s one of the best life/pomegranate hacks I ever learned: run a sink of warm water and take the pomegranate apart UNDER WATER! No splicks of juice on your clothes!! (I wish Mom had lived long enough for me to share that trick with her!)


  7. I’ve only sampled pomegranate recently. A jewel is perfect. So very pretty – especially if filled with juicy morsels! Thanks for hosting us – and the heads-up on Twitter. I scraped in with minutes to spare. 🙂

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  8. Mary Lee, pomegranates were a special holiday food in our house. I remember my Nonnie cutting it open and the red juice would bleed all over my hands. We had fun trying to wash the dye away. Your poem is filled with amazing images that go deep beyond the fruit. The word jewel stands out. Thank you for the sweet and tart memory. I am running late today so my offering will come later in the afternoon. Thank you for hosting.

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  9. You make me want to go and find a pomegranate and give it another try. (Maybe it’s really a poemegranate at heart!)
    Have you ever seen pomegranate jelly? Thinking that would be a nice thing to try. I like my poems sweet and tart, too!
    Happy Friday.

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  10. Mary Lee, Thanks for hosting! I, too, love Pomegranates! Like some other commenters, I also like your use of both sweet and tart to describe humans. And, worth the effort for sure! Your post brought a smile to my face on this very wintery morning in Wisconsin! Thank you! (Oh, and last year, I made Pomegranate liquor! It was delish!)

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  11. Mary Lee, I too love pomegranates, but I never once considered what they know about humanity. What an apt metaphor. I keep thinking about this and talking to my husband about it! I love the idea of “glittering jewels” and that we are worth the effort. So motivating! Thanks for hosting today.

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  12. Mary Lee, I love this. 🙂 My youngest daughter is on a very restrictive elimination diet right now, for health reasons, and pomegranates have become one of her favorite fruits. I was recently FaceTiming with another daughter while I was prepping a pomegranate and her husband was popping in and out of the conversation. At one point he said, “How many pomegranates are you cutting up?” I laughed and said, “This is just one.” Worth the effort indeed. Love your comparison to our chambered, inner selves.


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