Poetry Friday: Call Us What We Carry

Today I picked up my copy of Amanda Gorman’s new book, CALL US WHAT WE CARRY. I’ve only dipped in to browse, and I can’t wait for time to curl up on the couch and savor every single word. This sampling via The New Yorker takes my breath away.

If you missed Franki’s Text Set last week, “Using Guides to Help Us: Our Own Unlearning and For Use in the Classroom,” it’s one of her best. I would add to the guides she spotlighted, the one that was prepared by the #DisruptTexts team (Tricia Ebarvia, Lorena Germán, Dr. Kimberly N. Parker, and Julia Torres) for CALL US WHAT WE CARRY. I have printed off the discussion questions to help inform my reading.

Cathy has this week’s Poetry Friday roundup at Merely Day By Day.

If you are interested in hosting the Poetry Friday Roundup in January-June 2022, the call for roundup hosts is here.

17 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Call Us What We Carry”

  1. I was so enthralled by her readings on the New Yorker website. I want to get the guide and work with it over the holiday break. Maybe we can discuss it over Voxer?

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  2. My copy arrived this week but I have yet to dip in because of work and family commitments, so your reading guides are perfectly timed recommendations – thank you! Looking forward to reading with those by my side.


  3. Titles are so critically important and this one is a beauty. The taster video provides further insights as to what a reader might expect to find within the covers. Thanks for the alert Mary Lee.


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