Poetry Friday: Surprise!

Back in May, I learned that one of my poems on YDP (Your Daily Poem) made the cut for 100 chosen as “the best of YDP!”

The collection is titled POEMS TO LIFT YOU UP AND MAKE YOU SMILE. It’s not up on Amazon yet, but can be found at Parson’s Porch & Company. Here’s that poem, which I wrote back in 2012. It kind of describes my day yesterday!

photo via Unsplash


fire wire

charger cord

fresh air
out of the

© Mary Lee Hahn

Molly has this week’s Poetry Friday roundup at Nix the Comfort Zone.

14 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Surprise!”

      1. Oh. That is not what I’d expected. (I’d wondered if it was 2020… Or 2021 just felt sooo long.) Last weekend I was tweeting about an online conference, and kept hashtagging #cya2012 – so, I hear ya!!


  1. Mary Lee, what a great surprise and especially since the poem was written in 2012. I looked up the anthology and want to congratulate you. I love the title that describes many times that I have had computer woes to settle with techs. Have a great day.


  2. What a fun surprise ending! After working from home this past year, that expresses my feelings when we go on our lunchtime walks perfectly. Congratulations on being included in the collection!


  3. A classic! Congrats on the publication. I heard today that an online flash lit journal is publishing two of my poems sometime in the next month! Apparently it makes a big difference to actually send work out….

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  4. OH, what a delicious summertime poem, Mary Lee. I’m glad it described your day yesterday too. We should all do that more often. That’s so interesting that you wrote it in 2012. In some ways, we may not have known the computer-weary coming our way a decade later. Congratulations for being in the top batch! It is so fun to read aloud. It makes me want to skip rope!


  5. Congratulations, Mary Lee! That’s wonderful news! The best of poems transcend times, don’t they? I love the title and the short, choppy lines and that wonderful escape of an ending!


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