Poetry Friday: Retirement and Winter Poem Swap Info



This poem is a decima. The rhyme scheme is ABBAACCDDC, and there are 8 syllables each line.

Laura Shovan and I are helping Tabatha with the Winter Poem Swap. The Winter Poem Swap is a little different than the Summer Swap. In the Summer Poem Swap, poets do up to five swaps, while the Winter Poem Swap is just ONE swap. This time, though, you are asked to send a wee gift along with your poem. If you would like to participate, send Laura an email (laurashovan @ gmail . com) by November 6. Include your full name and mailing address. Let her know if you want to swap with the same person who is sending to you or if it doesn’t matter. Include any allergies your gift giver might need to know about. Laura will send you the name and address of your poem/gift recipient by November 13. Then you have a month to write your poem and put your package together for delivery by December 15, in plenty of time for the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere (10:58 AM on December 21, in case you were wondering).

Bridget has this week’s Poetry Friday roundup at wee words for wee ones. (And remember, I’m taking November 5.)

18 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Retirement and Winter Poem Swap Info”

  1. I’m enjoying watching you savor your retirement through your poetry, Mary Lee. Bonus points for working ‘capriciousness’ in effortlessly as well. 🙂


  2. Your poem is something to savor in and of itself. Your delight in retirement shines through. I’m enjoying your retirement as well, as we all benefit from your extra time and your revisiting of “bits and pieces.” Thanks for introducing me to (or reminding me of! lol) the decima–I have so many poetic forms awaiting some effort! It’s kind of like having a pile of books on my bedside table. 🙂

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  3. Ah, your tea on your German book! A gentle poem of celebration to be sure, and the form is new to me. Thank you.

    I am off to swap now! Thank you to you and Laura!



  4. Oh your poem, wonderful. I tried a decima for the summer swap with Jone M. and liked the challenge. I think you truly nailed it with this one. I am so glad retirement is so restorative for you in multiple ways. I find that poetry is one huge reason I feel fulfilled, excited and eager to keep creating. With Covid, the subbing and school and library visiting is on hold and that is hard, yet, ok. The life of a creative and inquiring mind is one I am extremely grateful for. And I love how being part of a wider literacy and poetry community is so nourishing.


  5. My favorite line…”allowing myself to unwind”
    I get that more than just understanding the words. And, I will read this to my husband who is crafting a new identify as the kids are flying out of our nest. Thank you for sharing it with us today.
    I’ll be sending a note to Laura soon. I love the swaps!


  6. I’ve enjoyed your sharing from the summer, Mary Lee. The poem shows contentment. I’m happy for you finding something new in your life. Thanks to you & Laura for helping Tabatha with the swap!


  7. What a delightful poem (and another new poetic form for me to try – thanks! :-). I love the lines “Less planning, more capriciousness, More learning, less ambitiousness.” The contrasts, the way you play with less and more – there’s so much embedded in those lines. Sounds like retirement is agreeing with you!


  8. Mary Lee, what a gift retirement is. I’m beginning to experience many of these things. I like the idea of “crafting a new identity,” and then with “more capriciousness” and “less ambitiousness.” Indeed.

    The poem swap sounds great. I am sorry I will have to wait until the summer swap because of my situation.


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