Poetry Friday: There’s a Village for Sale in Scotland

There’s a Village for Sale in Scotland

There’s a village for sale in Scotland.
Only $173,000 and that includes mossy ruins
and a beach on the loch.

In Scotland, thunderclouds won’t stall overhead
dumping inches of rain at a time, flooding the yard.

In Scotland, the yard waste is always picked up on time
and the neighbors don’t build smoky fires with wet wood.

In Scotland, Democracy is not failing,
racism is not systemic, and police are always helpful.

Though there’s a village for sale in Scotland
I’m not buying it.

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2021

Laura Shovan takes us to the Black Lagoon for this week’s Poetry Friday Roundup.

13 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: There’s a Village for Sale in Scotland”

  1. Ooooooh, I think Catherine is on to something. Yes, a writer’s retreat village! Your last line is so perfect a punch. It reminds me of a gymnast nailing a dismount from a vault jump. If I had the money….would I buy a village? Oh, the thought is enough to entertain me.

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  2. Mary Lee, I’m glad you’re not buying it, but sticking it out in the U.S. to help some of our weaknesses. I was fascinated to read about the village for sale. As Linda said, considering it is a fun thought!

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  3. Love what you have done here Mary Lee. Quite an achievement using the story elements so effectively in making your incisive poem. The final line is both powerful and perfect. All that glitters…

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  4. I get it through & through, like my “icing on the cake”, too sweet a deal! Love the way you led us down that garden path, Mary Lee! Wishing you happy days at home!

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  5. This is lovely. I love how “there’s a village for sale in Scotland” repeats, and how you turn it around at the end. This is both meditative and resolute. Thank you for sharing this.

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  6. Oh, I’m so intrigued by this village for sale. It reminded me of Camelot, where it never rains til after sundown, etc, etc. Your poem is the perfect entry into daydreams of what-if’s and wonderings and then, like Laura said, you brought us back to earth with your final line. Masterly!

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  7. Mary Lee, I am finally here for one of your special poems. The topic of home keeps you afloat. I like the repetitive nature of your initial thought, in Scotland, but really enjoyed your ending like all the others did.


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